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The Propeller Object Exchange system is decommissioned and replaced with a GitHub repository to house the same existing and future Propeller objects. As of 12/5/2019, this site is read-only. You can continue to browse and download objects from here for a limited time; however, please begin using the Parallax Propeller repository for future reference.

Welcome - New OBEX

The Propeller Object Exchange is a place for Propeller community members to share "open source" objects and snippets written for Parallax Semiconductor's Propeller microcontroller.  

Select a category ("Data Storage," "Math," "Sensor," etc.) from the menu above to casually browse submissions, or enter search criteria in the search box to look for something specific.  If you have a concern about an object or code snippet, please contact the author directly, post details in its "comments" section, or post questions on the Parallax Discussion Forums.


There are two types of submissions: objects and snippets.

Object submissions are complete Propeller objects intended for use in other developer's Propeller applications.  Some included objects serve only to demonstrate another object or an interesting or educational phenomena.

Snippet submissions are examples of code and coding techniques.  They are usually objects with minimal structure containing code to be copied directly into a developer's object/application for use as desired.

Each submission can contain many materials (including source code, data files, documentation, images, audio, and video) as needed to fully support the submission. The included source code may be written in different languages for the Propeller, such as those designed or commissioned by Parallax Semiconductor (Spin, Propeller Assembly "PASM", or Propeller C "PropGCC"), or in other languages supported by Propeller community members (currently marked with the "Other" language attribute).

Terms of Use:

All objects and snippets on the Propeller Object Exchange are provided under the MIT License. By downloading and/or submitting objects/snippets, you are agreeing to this license.

To Submit an Object:

  1. Review the Recommendations for Writing and Posting Great Propeller Objects.
  2. Log in, click on the "Add Content" link, select an 'Object' or 'Snippet' type, and fill out the required fields.

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