Why programming is mandatory in schools?

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By: Michael Jones, created: 2018-05-09 | updated: 2018-05-09

We start learning something new about the world as soon as we enter school. Starting from Kindergarten to college we go through various subjects, problems, and solutions. This journey of knowledge prepares us for adulthood. Activities like reading, writing or even playing puzzle games are the building blocks of education. Subjects that we are taught since the primary classes are said to be our foundation of earning in adulthood. However, complex subjects programming see a different fate. They are not introduced anywhere before senior high school; they are not even considered as legitimate languages till then. Today, we all are surrounded by technology which runs on programming. So, this makes programming one of the important subjects today to earn a better living in future.

Although teaching programming at a very young age may confuse the little. But gradually it gets closer to understand the technology. Children start developing the ability to think rationally and logically as well. The trick is to take smaller steps with each day. They should not be overwhelmed with the technical terms and tedious coding. The amount of pressure should be kept in check. Assignment Help at an early stage must be an introduction to technology and not a textbook of forced lessons.

One of the arguments regarding this is, “why do they need to learn to program as a kid?” Though it is right to some extent, we need to look at the bigger picture. When the kids will pass high school and goes off for higher studies, they will find themselves at much more peace and not a stranger to technology. Nowadays, kids are well acquainted with the technology around us. They without even realizing are enjoying the comforts given by the technology every day. Like changing a T.V Channel, using a microwave oven or playing various games. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that it is the demand of the generation we are living. Educating children about technology today will help them to have a better understanding of the concepts tomorrow.It is high time for the schools to realize the importance of the technology shortly to build a better future for the students.

Once the students step into the senior high year, they are bombarded with some alien subjects. Programming being one of them gets the students nervous and confused. Slowly, numerous assignments start pouring in, and the students lose their calm. To combat such a flustered situation, many students then opt for hiring programming assignment help online. This is the only way through which they can control the pressure of excelling in every subject. The programming assignment help providers complete the assignments for them on time. Their specialty lies in the flawlessness of the work. The assignments completed by them are always error and plagiarism free. However, students should be introduced to technology since the beginning.


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