Unicode character mappings for the Propeller ROM font

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By: Alex Hajnal, created: 2015-01-30 | updated: 2015-01-30

Tab-delimited, UTF-8 encoded file showing the mapping of characters from the Propeller ROM to Unicode.

Columns are as follows:

  • propeller_index — Position of the character in the Propeller ROM font
  • utf_decimal — UTF code point in the Parallax font (in decimal)
  • utf_hex — UTF code point in the Parallax font (in hex)
  • utf_name — Name of the UTF character or "PRIVATE USE"
  • comment — Description of character, suggested usage
  • utf8_character — The actual character displayed (UTF-8 encoded)
Three files are included; they differ only in the line-endings used.
If you're trying to load this file into a spreadsheet and the file is getting truncated make sure that no text delimiter character is set.
Comments welcome, especially regarding the electronics symbols.
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