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By: created: 2011-02-11 | updated: 2013-05-02


Sorting Algorithms

This is a collection of sorting algorithms for both string and decimal sorting. In each file there is a demo that demonstrates each algorithm's speed.

Algorithms include bubble sort, cocktail sort, insertion sort, shell sort, and quick sort.

Only insertion sort, shell sort, and quick sort should be considered for use in any program, but the other two are included for educational purposes.

To use: Decide which algorithm you want to use, then copy-paste that into the object you are using. Note that the Quick Sort also requires the Insertion Sort method. And the PASM Shell Sort requires the applicable DAT section. The other sort methods are self-contained (no CONs, VARs, OBJs, or DATs needed)


Version 1.02:
  * Added PASM version of Shell Sort. This is up to 66 times faster than the SPIN variety.
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