40x30 NTSC TV_TEXT using half height ROM FONT

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By: created: 2009-05-02 | updated: 2013-06-17


This is a quick small modification to Chip's TV_TEXT.spin and TV.spin routines, that allow 40x30 tile text display in NTSC ( or PAL ) using the ROM FONT, which as a 16x16, by OR'ing each two pixel lines together, and using interlaced, to get the 640x480 resolution needed for 40x30 tiles.It's currently set up for HYBRID ( 6Mhz Clock, and tv on pins 24 ) but you can change that in "tv_text_half_height_demo.spin".


Now updated to V1.3

  • You can now specify interlaced mode or non-interlaced mode.
  • You can also set ink(pen) instead of doing two stage out($0c) and out(pen)
  • You can also set the attributes for an area of the screen, keeping the text intact inkblock(x,y,w,h,pen)


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