JET Engine Tile & Sprite driver

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By: created: 2018-10-04 | updated: 2019-11-12

Somewhat of a work-in-progess: Stable and functional, but with room for improvement.

This is a game graphics driver with NTSC and PAL60 output.

Short overview of features:

  • 256x224 resolution
  • uses 5 cogs and a bunch of memory
  • 16x16 tiles and sprites
  • 32 sprites on screen
  • 4 colors per scanline per sprite/tile
  • 8-way scrolling
  • full-screen post-"""processing"""
  • Antialiased ROM font text
  • Screen can be split into horizontal strips - "subscreens" for status displays, parallax (heh) scrolling and more

For more detailed info, look at the scrolltext in demo.spin, aswell as just the code itself. I tried documenting the PASM rendering code as well as possible: most lines have a comment explaining what they do!

NEW: JETViewer, a solution for capturing screenshots and videos of JET Engine running over serial.

NEW: Version 2! Faster, less memory usage, less bugs, more sprites per line!

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