Velleman VMA203 LCD Driver

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By: created: 2018-08-25 | updated: 2018-08-25

This is a Spin Driver for Velleman VMA203 LCD display (16x2) using 4-Bit Data Code and total of 6 Pins on Propeller.

All six lines can be connected directly to Propeller Pins, no need for any resistors or Voltage translators.

The VMA203 needs to be powered from +5VDC (for example from Activity Board) and only draws 30mA.

The documentation provided by Velleman is rather poor, but the proper connection diagram is available here:

Separate DEMO Object using this Driver is also provided.

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Binary Data LCD_16x2_4Bit-VMA203H.spin38.73 KB
Binary Data DEMO_LCD_16x2_4Bit-VMA203H.spin12.84 KB