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By: created: 2018-04-05 | updated: 2018-05-25

This will bring each Row HIGH one at a time and scan each Column individually.
If a Column shows a HIGN then the KEY variable is assigned the value of that
key. The non numerical buttons return 10-15 as shown in the diagram.

        Usage: YourVariable := KP.ReadKey(Pin1, Pin8)         ' Scan the Keypad and wait for the user to press a key

NOTE: This Method WILL keep scanning UNTIL a key is pressed. It forces the user
             to interact before a program continues. I designed it for a machine to wait for
             a user to set a value in a setup method or to have a user answer a question.

Version 7
Package icon 4x4_Keypad_Demo - Archive v.7.zip19.63 KB
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Version 7

Parallax had an issue with my origonal file. Here is the latest version of my driver.