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By: Erlend Fjosna, created: 2016-12-17 | updated: 2016-12-17

 Supports standard 7 bit chip addressing, and both 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit register addressing. Use of 32bit is rare.
 Assumes the caller uses the chip address 7 bit format, onto which a r/w bit is added by the code before being transmitted.
 Signalling 'Open Collector Style' is achieved by setting pins OUTA := 0 permanent, and then manipulate on DIRA to either
 float the output, i.e. let PU resistor pull up to '1' -or- unfloat the output (which was set to 0) to bring it down to '0'

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Package icon DemoI2Cdriver - Archive [Date 2016.12.17 Time 13.58].zip17.82 KB