Max7219 8x8 Column-oriented Stick with scrolling

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By: created: 2016-08-03 | updated: 2016-08-03

This is a driver for MAX7219 8x8 LED matrixes arranged in a linear stick.  It assumes the 7219's are wired so that a write to a data register affects a COLUMN of LEDs.  It can be configured as to the number of matrixes in the stick.  It can also be configured to swap the order of matrixes, swap the order of columns in each matrix, and swap the order of bits in each columns.  It starts a PASM cog for acceptable scroll speed. It includes a 7 x 5 plus descenders font.

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Package icon Max7219_8x8_ColumnWise - Archive [Date 2016.08.03 Time 10.38].zip6.92 KB


Great work but unfortunately I have row based modules. Any plan to release a row wise version of this object?


Well, I took the plunge and did some fiddling with the assembly code. I think I've got a set of modifications worked out that work with a row-wise module.

With your permission I'll post this as a new object.



Carl:  I just now saw your comments.  I don't look at my own OBEX stuff often.

Tried to send you a private message but I guess your forum name is different.  Anyway, of course you can post your new object.  Code improvments are always welcome!