Modbus RTU Master

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By: created: 2016-04-30 | updated: 2016-08-30

Implements Read Multiple Holding Registers, Read Multiple Input Registers, and Write Single Holding Register.

This uses and comes with Duane Degn's 512 byte buffer version of Tim Moore's original 4 port serial driver.  Anything descended from Tim Moore's driver should work fine, but I've only tested it with Duane Degn's version.  Duane Degn also has a 128 byte rx buffer per port version, if you need the ram for other things.

I somehow ended up with two versions of this driver.  I merged them and posted the result here.  The two versions that went into the merge both worked, but I haven't tested the result, so please PM me (Electrodude) on the Parallax Forums if you have any problems.  

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