Wiznet W5500 Driver

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By: created: 2016-04-17 | updated: 2016-04-20

A driver for communicating with the Wiznet W5500 SPI Ethernet Controller IC. This driver launches into its own COG then reads and writes to the W5500. Routines are written in both ASM and SPIN to establish communication, transfer data, and change settings. This is a direct port from the W5200_Driver: http://obex.parallax.com/object/658

Included in the zip is a demo to show how to use the driver. The Propeller will offer up a webpage when the IP address is entered into a web browser.

Version 1.0


Original File Upload
Package icon W5500_Driver_Demo_1_0_2.zip40.13 KB
Binary Data W5500_Driver.spin156.79 KB
Version 1.0

Initial Release

Version 1.0.1

Reset pin time was too short, updated to >500us per the datasheet.

Version 1.0.2

The rxUDP method was moving the UDP header twice and truncating the payload. An offset the length of the UDP header was added to the payload section of rxUDP to correct this.


Rest pin time was too short, updated to >500us per the datasheet.