Fake TV (drop-in TV.spin to VGA.spin replacement)

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By: Albert Emanuel Milani, created: 2015-09-17 | updated: 2015-09-28

Drop-in VGA.spin replacement for TV.spin.

I wrote this almost six years ago and barely remember how it works.  I believe it should work with Graphics_Demo.spin and anything else that uses the same resolution.  

Original File Upload
Binary Data FakeTV.spin6.25 KB


You know what?  Right before I submitted this object, I changed line 90 from "vga_rate:=20_000_000" to "vga_rate:=clkfreq>>2", thinking that would make it work at 100MHz (because 20_000_000 == 80_000_000 >> 2 == clkfreq {at 80MHz} >> 2) without testing it.  

I changed line 90 back to "vga_rate:=20_000_000" and re-uploaded it to the obex (without testing it, sorry).