WWVB NIST Time Signal Decoder

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By: created: 2015-02-23 | updated: 2019-02-15

Here is a decoder for the time signals sent from station WWVB on 60 kHz radio frequency.

The object includes a standard time keeping clock using the Parallax Propeller's crystal as a time base. The clock is updated by the time data received from the WWVB station when decoding is successful.

Requires a radio receiver such as the module available from (as of Feb 2019):

Data sheet for C-MAX CMMR-6


Video of running demo:

Original File Upload
Package icon WWVB Time decoder (w8an) [Date 2015.02.23 Time 22.57].zip27.66 KB


I noticed in the receiver object,  PulseReceiver method, I stated that it "Monitors the data_pin for negative pulses"..., where in fact it is monitoring positive pulses. I will just call it a typo.


I noticed that pv electronics has modified their website and the link to their WWVB decoder board was broken. A new link to the board at their site has been provided.