eeprom2 - SimpleIDE library to access the high 64Kb of a 24LC1025 eeprom

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By: created: 2015-01-21 | updated: 2015-01-21

The simpletools eeprom commands make it very easy to access the extra 32Kb on a 24LC512... which is included on many Parallax boards.... but if you replace the boot eeprom with a higher storage size chip, the eeprom commands will not work.... the reason is that the system sees the higher 64Kb of the 24LC1025 as a different i2c address ($A8)

To make it easier to access the high side of the eeprom, I have basically made a copy of the eeprom files/commands, renamed everything by adding a '2', and altered the i2c address to use the $A8 address ($54 after conversion to a 7-bit address).

The commands should be familiar... just add a '2' to the 'ee' prefix.... for example... ee_putStr --> ee2_putStr, ee_config --> ee2_config, etc

Hopefully someone finds this useful....


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