WS2812 LED Driver modified by Doug Hilton for RadioShack p/n 2760339 Tri-LED strip

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By: Doug Hilton, created: 2014-12-22 | updated: 2014-12-22

This code updates JonnyMac's nice WS2812 sample 'jm_ws2812' to properly execute on a RadioShack p/n 2760339 Tri-LED strip.  The timing constants are different, but no big deal.  The RadioShack LED strip is pretty cool, and I've also tried using the AdaFruit LED strips which work in a similar manner.  I hope this update saves a new coder some time in figuring out these LED strips.

73, WD0UG, Doug

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Package icon dh_ws2812_demo for Radioshack 2760339 Tri-LED strip.zip7.97 KB