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By: created: 2014-09-26 | updated: 2014-09-28

Messy private project thrown together over an afternoon.

Based on the C-VGA provided with SimpleIDE and this tutorial. Flat shading, not very optimized. About 0.5 to 1 FPS, depending on the distance from the wall, hub code needs to be migrated to the cogs. Still kind of interesting, though.

No user input yet, movement occurs without user control. User input could be added for keyboard or terminal control, reverse the directions for forward/back and left/right. You'll want to look for the variable "moveSpeed" near the end of the program to add this.

Update: Now has user input through the terminal. 'wasd' controls, also has what is supposed to be a lantern or candle light to the left of the screen.

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