Hamradio repeater logic

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By: Thierry Eggen, ON5TE, created: 2014-07-19 | updated: 2014-07-19

Simple but complete hamradio repeater logic. Detects input carrier, CTCSS and Echolink if any. Controls transmitter PTT, roger beep, CW identification and talkthrough relay.

CW keyer is included as well as DTMF decoder to remote control some repeater functions. Pse contact ON5TE@UBA.BE for any question or comment.

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Package icon repeater - Archive [Date 2014.07.19 Time 10.09].zip35.17 KB


In the main repeater.spin file, one line in  a CON section should be corrected as 

GoertzelRate        = 25                ' number of times per second to report results

One character was lost somewhere ...

Also, it has been seen that keeping the PC connected vis USB while operating may foolish DTMF detection

Apart from that, seems to be stable