Seven segment display driver, and Charlieplex driver

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By: created: 2014-07-16 | updated: 2014-07-18

This driver works with any number of digits, digits must be on contiguous pins, with the low digit on the low digit-select pin.
The segments are also required to be on contiguous pins, but the order can be re-arranged by editing a lookup table.
Reads characters from a text string to write to the display, numbers "0" through "9", minus "-", decimal point ".", and space " " are recognized.
Includes methods for creating a string from integer values, or from an integer with a divider to a specified number of decimal places.

Works with common-anode and common-cathode displays, and also with transistor-driven displays.

Just added a Charlieplex driver, requires a minimum of 9 contiguous pins for seven-segments plus decimal point.
Drives any number of displays, the first nine are free, each additional display requires an additional pin.
Has the same functionality as the regular driver.

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