PropBus, Single wire multi-propeller comm link

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By: created: 2014-07-01 | updated: 2014-07-30

The purpose of the Prop Bus is to provide a communications link
between two or more Propeller chips. This interface is very
loosely based on the MIL-STD-1553 interface. One chip becomes the
Bus Controller (BC) and all others are Remote Terminals (RT).
The interface uses a single wire, bi-directional bus. The data
is transferred using Manchester encoding at a 1MBit data rate.
All data consist of 16 bit words.

Version 2.00


Original File Upload
Package icon PropBus V3.0.zip53.53 KB
Version 2.00

Fixed the loop test option to run more than 64K times.
Added option for user to control cycle timing.
Fixed some embarrassing spelling errors.

For the future I plan to:
Add support for external drivers.
Add a Bus Monitor object.
Add timeout checks to prevent bus lockups.


Version 2.1

Fixed timeout checks so bus will not lock up if RT is not running.


Added support for RCFast clock mode and tag words.