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The Propeller Object Exchange system is decommissioned and replaced with a GitHub repository to house the same existing and future Propeller objects. As of 12/5/2019, this site is read-only. You can continue to browse and download objects from here for a limited time; however, please begin using the Parallax Propeller repository for future reference.
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By: created: 2014-06-13 | updated: 2015-03-28

This archive contains objects capable of sending and receiving CANbus-formatted messages at up to 1Mbps.
Supports standard, extended, and remote frames.
A stand-alone writer, requiring one cog
A stand-alone reader that reads up to 1Mbps but requires two cogs
A stand-alone reader that reads up to 500Kbps but only requires one cog
A combined reader/writer that operates at 500Kbps, requires one cog but works haltingly on high-traffic busses
And a demonstration showing how everything works together

These objects only produce a logic-level output, in order to connect to a CANbus, a line driver such as the MCP2551 is required.

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