4D systems uLCD-xx,uLCD-xxPT & uLCD-xxPCT VisiGenie framework

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By: created: 2014-03-08 | updated: 2014-03-09

Simple client framework for using  4D systems uLCD-xx 'non touchscreen'  & uLCD-xxPT, uLCD-xxPCT 'touchscreen'Intelegent LCD modules in VisiGenie  host mode.

Has method dependencies & calls to FullDuplexSerial, for host comms to LCD. Requiring 1 cog for serial driver.

All method calls for display access  are blocking routines, pending reply from LCD module.

Non blocking version (using message queues + 1 helper cog), which also handles animating user images,

and handling async 'thrown' events to be shortly released on OBEX.

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