RFM22 / RFM23 - (Ported Example)

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By: Zack Lantz, created: 2014-01-22 | updated: 2014-01-22

Hi, I am working on making a full RFM23BP Object.  This is what it is going to be somewhat based on.  This is a ported example of the RFM22 module, which uses the same protocol and registers as the RFM23 with only slight variations.  There are not many examples for this module and is why I am posting this piece of code.  For refrence, I have used  RF22/23 REGISTER D ESCRIPTIONS (AN440) and RFM23BP Datasheet.  I used pins 0 threw 5 on a PropSMD IC for the RFM Module & SHIFTIN / SHIFTOUT Spin functions.

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