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By: MacTuxLin , created: 2013-12-01 | updated: 2013-12-02

Using the motion sensors in your Android smartphone to control the movement of your ActivityBot via the Bluetooth. You will need to mount a Bluetooth module on your bot. The example & video demonstration uses Parallax's Easy Bluetooth module.

Step 1

Download my Android App, MyActivityBot, & install onto your Android smartphone.

Step 2

Load this C code into your ActivityBot's EEPROM.

Step 3

Switch ON your ActivityBot (switch 2) & press the Bluetooth button on the App & select your Bluetooth module that is mounted on your ActivityBot.

Step 4

Point your smartphone to the floor & press the Power Switch button to start the communication.

Motion: X-axis for Left & Right motion. Y-axis for bot's acceleration (smartphone pointing down => slow/stop, pointing up => fast)

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Wow, what a fantastic project!

I will probably move this to the Projects forum because it is outside the scope of the Learn tutorials at this point. We might add a sticky post with links to interesting projects like this so that folks looking will have an easier time finding. For this project, we might also ask your permission to publish it in the Projects section of Would that be okay? Recently got the app from tutuapp.