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By: MacTuxLin , created: 2013-12-01 | updated: 2013-12-02

Using the motion sensors in your Android smartphone to control the movement of your ActivityBot via the Bluetooth. You will need to mount a Bluetooth module on your bot. The example & video demonstration uses Parallax's Easy Bluetooth module.

Step 1

Download my Android App, MyActivityBot, & install onto your Android smartphone.

Step 2

Load this C code into your ActivityBot's EEPROM.

Step 3

Switch ON your ActivityBot (switch 2) & press the Bluetooth button on the App & select your Bluetooth module that is mounted on your ActivityBot.

Step 4

Point your smartphone to the floor & press the Power Switch button to start the communication.

Motion: X-axis for Left & Right motion. Y-axis for bot's acceleration (smartphone pointing down => slow/stop, pointing up => fast)

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