TLC1543 11 channel 5V 38k SPS serial ADC driver

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By: created: 2013-09-28 | updated: 2013-09-28

The TLC1543 is a 38k samples per second CMOS A/D converter built around a 10-bit switched-capacitor successive approximation A/D converter with a 14 channel multiplexer and a four bit serial interface (I/O CLOCK, chip select [CS], ADDRESS INPUT and DATA).

This software provides both synchronous (running in the callers COG) and asynchronous (running in a separate COG) methods for interfacing with the ADC.

ZIPped Files incl uded:

    BBTestsADC1543.spin - test/demonstration program for use on a Parallax P8X32A Quickstart with output to Parallax Serial Terminal

    TLC1543ADC_H.spin - constants

    TLC1543ADC.spin - driver code

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    Package icon TLC1543_OBEX.zip8.01 KB