Propeller Signal Generator

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By: Johannes Ahlebrand, created: 2013-05-06 | updated: 2013-05-06


  • Runs in a single cog
  • Small footprint (98 longs)
  • Uses "duty DAC"
  • 1,25 MHz sample rate
  • 6 waveform types (Saw, Triangle, Square, Noise, Sine, User)
  • High resolution pulse width
  • Outputs both normal and inverted signal at the same time
  • Signal can be damped in steps of 6 dB
  • All parameters can be changed on the fly

Tags: Signal Generator Function Generator AWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator Propeller Signal Generator Sinus Sine Triangle Pulse Square Noise Pulse Width PWM Pulse Width Modulation Sound Generation Waveform Generation Sound Generator Waveform Generator

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[originally posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-07 09:34:42] Just what I was looking for to test my Low Pass Filter Design