Sixteen-segment display

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By: created: 2013-04-16 | updated: 2014-12-30

General-purpose 16-segment alpha-numeric display object. Display up to 14 characters. Works with the six character, 16-segment LED display included on the Parallax Propeller Professional Development Board.

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Package icon Sixteen-segment_V1.6 - Archive [Date 2014.12.21 Time 20.43].zip13.83 KB


The sixteen-segment object generally works very well, except I found that when combined with other objects, I would get random and odd behavior.

I fixed the problem by changing the two lines which involve DspBuff to take the address of the buffer.

Old lines:  bytemove(DspBuff,strAddr,14)

  char := byte[DspBuff+stringPos]&127 #>32        'Get char and validate 


New lines:

  bytemove(@DspBuff,strAddr,14)  char := byte[@DspBuff+stringPos]&127 #>32        'Get char and validate

The display buffer address pointer bug has been fixed in version 1.6