Simple Propeller Assembly Debugger (SPAD)

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By: created: 2007-12-19 | updated: 2013-05-02

At last, a debugging tool that works exactly like the Basic Stamp. Yes, the old reliable Stamp commands debugChar, debugStr, debugDec, debugBin, debugInChar, debugInDec, debugWatchDog and debugDelay may be inserted directly into your propeller assembly code to provide output to and input from your PC just as you did with Stamp debug commands. Writing and learning assembly language code is very easy when you can control your output/input to your PC directly from your assembly code. Now you can stop your assembly code at any point using a simple debugInChar command. Your assembly routine can printout characters and strings directly to your PC and input data directly from your PC keyboard. A 32-bit multiply and divide routines are also provided .


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