Automated Home Security

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By: KPD237 , created: 2011-07-31 | updated: 2013-06-17

For the Spineret Design Contest. Although, it was unfortunately not finished in time, I plan on continuing work on this project:

See the attached schematic for the layout for design of sensor circuit. They should be attached in the number ordered.
  • DHCP_GBSbuild_01_28_2011
  • kd_SensorArray
  • KPDAutomatedHomeSecurity
  • Parallax Serial Terminal
  • s-35390A_GBSbuild_01_23_2011
I owe an incredible amount of thanks to:
Mike G
Beau Schwabe
Roy ELtham
Jeff Martin
Andy Lindsay
Chip Gracey
and all the others that they built on.
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