Nordic nRF2401 Rf Tranceiver Handler

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By: created: 2013-04-12 | updated: 2013-04-12


This is a new version of the handler, with a semaphore to serialize the TX and RX functions, and the documentation has been improved and cleaned up. This is a basic handler for the Nordic nRF2401 2.4 GHz tranceiver. Modules are sold at various vendors (SparkFun, QKits, and others). The TRF24G.spin module handles the device, the NordicDemo.spin (and FullDuplexSerial.spin) are a simple test program to run the handler code.

March 2009, added a C version (Imagecraft ICCV7 Compiler). This is a straight port of the basic SPIN version (minus semaphores and separate COG, you can add that as needed).


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       I just brough a nrf2401 and have successfully done he basic codes. I actually want to use it for a project where it can transmit some data to the other nrf2401.

its more of a parent-child connection. many child models as RXhich would send the data ahead to the parent which would then be the TX.

I have one arduino connected to the nrf2401 and functioning as parent. but would I necessarily have to arrange for more arduinos to be connected with the child? Wont nrf2401 work as standalone devices for communicating with the parent?

I am asking because I would be havig many child models say about 3-4 atleast with just one parent. My total project cost will increase immensely in that ca

se. Kindly reply

Thanks in advance