NewHaven Serial LCD Display driver

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By: created: 2013-04-11 | updated: 2013-05-02

This object drives the NewHaven line of serial LCDs  

These displays may have 2 or 4 lines and 16 or 20 columns - the init method specifies the number of lines and columns.



Original File Upload
Package icon NewHaven_Serial_LCDS.zip4.79 KB


Can someone add "Extended_FDSerial.spin" to the NewHaven_Serial file above?

I saw this driver was available here...but I did not expect it to be incomplete.

I then ordered several New Haven displays and the zip file above does not have "Extended_FDSerial.spin" and that file is not in the library that I have and I cant find the file on the forum looking for that file and/or searching "New Haven"...searching "new Haven" was a mistake because it returns every referance that has the common word "haven" as in "haven't".  There are thousands listed.