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By: created: 2013-04-11 | updated: 2013-04-11


Makes bursts of pulses, a given number at a given frequency. Uses cog counters, from Spin.Frequency can range from 1 Hertz up to 40 MHz, burst length up to 26+ seconds. (at clkfreq = 80MHz, 2^31 cycles)The companion demo program allows the frequency within burst and the number of pulses to be entered and verified at the debug terminal.

Example uses:

  • Generate a number of led pulses as a helpful indicator of status.
  • Generate a burst of 40kHz for an ultrasonic transducer.
  • Generate a burst with a certain number of pulses to move a stepper motor or actuator a desired distance. e.g. 57 pulses at 3 MHz to drive a stepper motor 57 steps
  • Generate up/down pulses to set a digital potentiometer
  • Generate a burst to refresh a high voltage in a DC to DC conversion scheme.
  • Generate laser pulses for a sensor or communication scheme.
  • Generate a radio frequency blip

All from Spin


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