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By: created: 2013-04-11 | updated: 2013-05-20

Full featured autopilot for boats, planes and rovers. Tested over 3 years. You can see the videos under Spiritplumber on youtube. This version does not contain the graphical console, but text i/o is possible and fairly easy to do.

Other versions are maintained here and may be downloaded there. If you intend to use this commercially, please see licensing information on that page.

A note: It is possible to build functional drone bombers or similar with this. You the downloader are explicitly denied permission to do so. If you want to build autonomous weapons do your own homework, or better yet, go get your head examined.

Videos of the drones in action!


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[originally posted by m.k.borri on 2011-03-01 04:14:25] Yes, this was originally developed in 2007. It has been shared on my website since then. 

[originally posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-17 01:53:47] cool