Full Duplex Serial

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By: Chip Gracey (Parallax), created: 2013-04-09 | updated: 2013-04-09


Full duplex asynchronous serial object.

v1.2 - 5/7/2009 fixed bug in dec method causing largest negative value (-2,147,483,648) to be output as -0.


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[originally posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-14 21:06:22] I have big problem from Full Duplex Serial.spin Driver . when I receive the data by rs232 port in COM1 then the display graphic mode is dark screen and blank screen every stop of communication . Please help me for solving this problem . adijarupan@gmail.com , krit@mpgthailand.com

[originally posted by Chip Gracey (Parallax) on 2011-09-30 07:53:53] In the "c" language all variables are null terminated. ie $00. If you address past the end of an array that is longer, the null will be sent. This is an Ascii comand to clear screen, thus black screen after data is sent. Access the variable to the end sizeof()-1 for the first char address is variable[0]. My first simple tv display of serial input program mod cought $00 cleared screen too. Also I had to add delay between char's for the serialmirror demo was too slow recieving and echoing.
[originally posted by Anonymous on 2013-02-26 08:06:58] Please index this object as "Full Duplex Serial Driver," too. It took me a while to find it because the code listing calls it the name I included above rather than "Full Duplex Serial." Thanks. --Jon Titus
[originally posted by Anonymous on 2013-03-20 12:00:16] sorry this is not clear, the "mode" setting in start, will this invert rx with tx, or is it inverting HIGH to LOW I would like to invert high to low