DS2760 Thermocouple Kit Driver

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By: created: 2013-04-05 | updated: 2013-04-05


This code is for use with the DS2760 Kit from Parallax. This code reads the values out of the DS2760 and calculates the thermocouple temperature.

Warning: this object is not perfect yet. There are some odd values/conditions that are not properly trapped yet. If you find a way to better it, please let me know via PM on the forum. Thank you.


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[originally posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-12 02:08:52] This code doesn't work for me. Using the parallax serial terminal to view the data on what the temperature is that the thermocouple is reading, I see that it works for temperatures from 0 to between 25-29 degrees celsius (the ability to calculate the higher temperature varying depending on the room temperature), and after that, it gives an error of 65535 no matter how high I go after that. There is more I have to say about it, but it would take too much space here. I've talked about it on the forum, to pinpoint the problem, and the problem seemed to be the code, and no one was able to help me find the issue with the code. I do not have the knowledge to fix it right now and I'm not sure if I ever will, so if anyone can fix this code or make another object that works and post it up in this object exchange, that would be very much appreciated.