C Pin Driver

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By: Ryan Stark, Stark Informatics LLC, created: 2012-10-13 | updated: 2013-07-08


Provides a list of functions for quick and easy manipulation of general purpose IO pins in C.
Version 1.0
Original Release
Single Pin Manipulation
Version 1.1
Improves documentation
Version 2.0
Adds ability to manipulate arrays of pins
Version 2.1
Adds Pre-Processor statements allowing including of either Pins.h or Pins.c and prevents multiple declarations
Version 2.2
Fixes bug in void pinOutLow(PIN_MASK * msk)
Please note, this is relatively untested. Please email me any bugs you may find!
Includes functions to:
  • Set Pin(s) Direction
  • Set Pin(s) Status(High/Low)
  • Set Direction and Status(Sets pin(s) direction as output, then sets high/low status)
  • Read Pin(s) Input
  • Set Direction and Read Input(Sets direction as input, then reads)
  • Read Pin(s) Configuration(In/Out, High/Low)


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