AX12+ Dynamixel servo driver

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By: created: 2010-05-04 | updated: 2013-09-10

This is a driver for the Dynamixel AX12+ digital servos. It now allows all settings including baud rate (7.843k to 1m) to be set. It now allows setting continuous rotation or servo mode. When writing to a 2 byte control register i.e. moving speed, goal position, etc., write the value (up to 11bits) to the first byte address of the 2 byte control register and the program will automatically write the low/high bytes for you when using the writedata method. Example file shows use.

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[originally posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-03 05:59:02] This is a great object, high level functionality as well as nitty gritty programming ability for the multifunctional ax12 servos.