FAT16 routines with secure digital card layer

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By: created: 2013-03-27 | updated: 2013-03-27

This contains the full set of code you need to read and write files to secure digital cards in a way that is compatible with your PC.

The primary source is at http://fsrw.sf.net/.
A FAT16/FAT32 filesystem layer is provided (no subdirectories or long file names right now).
Several different versions of secure digital block-level I/O are provided.
Read speed should be about 900KBytes/second and write speed should be around 1.8 MBytes/second (or faster or slower depending on the card).
In these routines emphasis has been on keeping the code as short as possible.
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The documentation for this module recommends 20K pull-ups for the control lines. This works great as long as the card is not removed. When the card is reinserted I get a dip on the supply voltage that corrupts the propeller chip. The SD card specs recommend adding a 10uF and 0.1uF capacitor near the +V terminal on the card socket. I added the 10uF and that fixed my problem. Mike