AiGeneric Text Driver

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By: created: 2009-03-31 | updated: 2013-06-17

Multifont AiGeneric TV Text Driver 40x24.

This text driver is a collaborative work created by the following programmers:

  • Doug Dingus (Potatohead)
  • Hippy
  • Jim Bagley (Baggers)
  • Jeff Ledger (Oldbitcollector)

Most "TV_Text" commands are supported by this driver, in addition, positional commands, character redefiniton, character color, and the ability to load Commodore 64 (.c64) fonts.

This archive contains the following:

  • AiGeneric 2.1 TV Text Driver (Supports Spin Font Files created by Font Generator {included}.)
  • AiGeneric 2.1CF Text Driver (Supports use of .c64 font files.)
  • Font Generator (converts a .bmp image to a usable Spin font file.)

Additional .c64 font files can be downloaded from:


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