I2C driven HD44780 LCD C Library for SimpleIDE

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By: TJ Forshee, created: 2015-01-14 | updated: 2015-01-14

I found plenty of LCD Drivers out there.... but none I tried seemed to work for this particular one I had.... it is a 20x4 LCD driven by a PCF8574.... I used this display with Arduino for a while... it was easy to use and didn't take up additional pins (assuming I was using other i2c devices).

This C Library was modelled after an Arduino library.


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I would like to be explain something, my friend:

Where are the SDA and SDK pins ?   28  and 29 of the propeller?

I am confused, here it appears that they are 2 and 3

also, the I2C address of the I2C driver, 39

And I know mine is 27 so, do I have to change to 27 ?