Dedicated pwm generator

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By: Jev Kuznetsov, created: 2013-04-04 | updated: 2013-04-04

A simple (assembly) pwm object based on an example from application notes.


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[originally posted by Anonymous on 2013-03-01 07:11:28] This PWM program has a problem, perhaps due to the order in which operations occur and how data get stored. If you run: pwm1.start(pwm1pin) pwm2.start(pwm2pin) pwm2.SetDuty(3000) pwm1.SetDuty(1000) the PWM1 output gets screwed up. Change the order to: pwm1.start(pwm1pin) pwm1.SetDuty(1000) pwm2.start(pwm2pin) pwm2.SetDuty(3000) and the program works fine. I tried to debug the original pwmAsm.spin, but gave up. Use caution.